Spectacular Gem You should never miss in Singapore

Everyone dream of living in a place where they can have every facility at their doorstep that they only dreamt of.  Thus to give your dreams a reality the Gem Residences is your ideal place. As the developer has made it possible to provide the residents with every required facility. Just name it and you will get it at Gem Residences.

Gem Residences
Gem Residences Location

Centrally located, it will provide you the benefits of city living with a modern lifestyle. The main attractions of the residences are the hip-hop and k-pop lessons, Aqua Zumba and yoga classes, private chef hiring, personal concierge, pet’s pool and free Wi-Fi.  In addition, they do provide the car rental service by smove.sg. You will also have the necessities like the weekly health care by Tetsuyu, where you can consult the doctor and get the prescriptions for your health issues to prevent you from any major disease.

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Aqua Zumba classes and Yoga lessons:

To keep the residents healthy and to enable them to have an active lifestyle, the owners of the Gem Residences have introduced the Aqua Zumba classes and yoga lessons.

The Aqua Zumba classes are held in the condo pools to provide water resistance to make the exercise a little tougher.  The exercises are low in impact but you will have to utilize high energy to gain the positive results. It will be a fun lesson to have, as you will gain the advantages of the aerobic exercise without any joint pain.

Yoga lessons are also held to relax the body and the mind. Thus, exercises are instructed under the supervision of special and professional trainers that are hired by the Gem Residences.

gem residences aqua-zumba

Concierge Services

You will have the following remarkable concierge services at the Gem Residences:


Food delivery:

They will provide you with fast and fresh food delivery services. You just have to place your order about what you want to have or the grocery items you require and the management staff will fulfill your requirements with a variety of food.

You can also hire a personal chef for special guests to impress them with the delicious food items.

gem residences food-delivery

House Keeping:

The condo services at Gem Residences will provide you with the amazing housekeeping services. They will take care of the responsibilities like cleaning the place and you will not have to hire them.

gem residences housekeeping

Laundry Services:

You will also gain the laundry services thus; you will not have to do this time taking the task. With these services, you can spend your extra time with family or friends instead of doing the laundry.

Event Planning:

At Gem Residences, you will also get the event planning services to make the special occasion memorable for your someone special. Our event planners are skilled in making your moments never forgettable.

IT Support:

In this age of technology, Wi-Fi has become the necessity of life therefore at Gem Residences you will have the free Wi-Fi facility for a year. They have tech support installed that will provide the residents with 24/7 Wi-Fi services.

The Wi-Fi is easily accessible in the common areas of the building.  Not only that you can also plug your devices with the internet cables that are available in your rooms. With the IT support by Truuue.com, services Gem Residences are providing its residents with all the necessities that are essential in the present age.

Special features

Gem Residences does not offer the only regular facilities. It has some special features that have attracted people from around Singapore to come and stay here. Some of the remarkable facilities you will love to have are:

gem residences pet-pool

1. Pet’s Pool

Like humans, their pets also need some relaxing and fun time. Therefore, to provide your pets with some quality relaxing time at Gem Residences you will have the rare facility of pet pools. Take your pets to the pool and let them enjoy in the clean and cozy water.

gem residences edible-garden

2. Edible Gardens

Some of the customers like to plant their personal vegetables. Therefore, the owners of Gem Residences have specially separated the area for the edible gardens. Here residences have the authority to plant their own vegetable. Thus, every facility of healthy living in provided at Gem Residences.

3. Triple Key Units

The spotlight of the Gem Residences is its triple key units. They are very rare and available only for the special customers. It consists of an individual sub-meter that further has 3 studio units under the single title.

It will be your best investment in the rental yield. They can have these services according to their requirements. You will get the individual submeters with your triple key unit. It is also equipped with a foyer area before you can open it up to the three separate doors. All you have to do is purchase the 91 units.

Gem Residences Floor Plan Triple Key

Special Sweetener

At Gem Residences, you will also have some special offers that you will never get at any place else. Therefore, these amazing offers are The SPECIMEN CHEQUES!

At Gem Residences, the buyers who have given their cheques for the early booking of the condo will get a special offer. They will be given the specimen cheque. These special cheques will allow the buyers to offset the down payment of the condos that they have booked for themselves. This facility can be utilized anytime under the given conditions.

Sales Gallery

The Developer of the Gem Residences opened the sales gallery for the public. This allowed several interested buyers and other people to come and visit the condos and see for themselves the facilities and features we are offering.

Gem Residences showflat

Emerging Property Marketing:

The property marketing is emerging and thus, developers are facing some difficulties in selling the properties. As now the buyers and investors have more property, options to select from, they first survey and then invest in the right property. The buyers will not invest in the properties if the rates are not going in the right direction.

Since 29 April, Gem Residences had 1036 visitors that showed interest. Having many options for the buyers to select from the developer are under increasing pressure to sell the properties.

This allowed the interested buyers to select the condo they will like to have the upcoming booking date is 27th May. This gained Gem Residences many advance booking for their condos.

Thus equipped with all the remarkable facilities and services the Gem Residences is the perfect place to stay. With such extraordinary facilities, it can be truly regarded as a dream place to live in.

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