Should You Sell Your EC Unit After Fulfilling MOP?

I Check, I Compare, I Study, I Suggest!

EC owners can sell their unit to anyone except a foreigner after 5 years minimum occupation period.


Congrats for fulfilling the 5 years minimum occupation period.

Your wise decision to purchase your EC unit years ago has brought yourself one step closer to financial freedom.

You are Sitting on a GoldMine

You may not be aware that you are sitting on a “GoldMine” but it’s just a paper gain if you don’t convert it into real profits.

I’m here to share what are your available options of retrieving your “Gold” and selling the “Mine”:

EC is known as a Goldmine after fulfilling MOP.

EC reaching MOP is goldmine

1)  Part Purchase (commonly known as decoupling) between husband and wife, to “free up” one person’s name to purchase another unit for investment. Recommended if you are sure you won’t sell in the future.

2)  Sell and then buy another condo at a better location or bigger unit. Recommended if you are the sole breadwinner.  

3)  Sell and downgrade to HDB resale flat, with the abundant cash proceeds from the sale of the EC and retire. Recommended only if you are more than 55 years old.

4)  Sell and then buy another 2 condo under each individual ownership, one for own stay, another one to rent out. Recommended if your household monthly income above $8,000.


You might have wondered why not sell when the EC reach 10 years (fully privatised) at a better price?

Well, in terms of HDB regulations, the only difference between 5 or 10 years, is that you can’t sell it to a Foreigner at the 5 years mark.

However, looking at the current ABSD tax of 20% on Foreigners, the budget constraint ones most likely will not be able to afford. And for those that can afford will buy in downtown or the prime districts.

So in essence, your targeted buyers are locals and PR (permanent residents); you can even sell it to a single SPR now!

Leverage on its Optimum Price!

Moreover, your unit is now in a very good condition and its young age will appeal to homebuyers, thereby fetching its best possible price.

More buyers are hunting for the younger condo which is ready to move in.

Your right move to ride the wave of EC growth created this opportunity for you to sell and cash out at the most optimum price; at its youngest possible age.

Ride On Your Next Positive Wave!

Now is your chance to ride on another positive wave and grow your assets and eventually achieve financial freedom.

Such as moving to a better location, somewhere with better potential growth? Sounds good?

You bet it is but not with some reality checks first. Property investments today is a totally different ball game compared to the time before 2013 largely due to the various cooling measures.

Hence, you got to be extra careful on your next move. Financial calculation, wealth management and careful planning with an exit strategy are crucial steps to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Now is the time to make another wise decision. Arrange for a FREE no obligations discussion. I guarantee you an enriching session with  knowledge and insights such as:

  • Provide a valuation report of your unit.
  • Assess and provide in-depth financial calculation.
  • Analyze and review your asset improvements plan
  • Propose a creative strategy to ensure stress-free monthly instalments.
  • Analyze the best available options for you in the market and spot the most profitable choice for you.
  • Personalize your short, mid and long-term property roadmap that will eventually grant you financial freedom.