Sell My Property

Sell My Property

Looking to sell your property?

If you wish to DIY for your HDB resale process, you may refer my 7 Steps from Start till You Sell HDB Flat.

Well, if you wish to sell your house (private property or HDB flat) fast without compromising on your price, read on for my 7 steps to sell your house

  • Step 1

    Plan for Your Finances

    💰 Finance is always the very first step to:

     ✅  Find out the amount of Cash and CPF you will get

     ✅  Find out the amount of Bank Loan

     ✅  Determine your Budget and Direction

     ✅  Ensure your finances remain in Good shape after selling and your next purchase.

    Plan your finances before selling your house

    Especially, the usable amount in your CPF can be quite tricky. It is advisable to let me double check for you.

    I will guide you through the financial calculation in depth.  You will get customised recommendation for your best plan.

  • Step 2

    Plan Where to Relocate in the future

    Most of the cases, my clients don’t have a place to stay after selling their property.

    That’s why Step 2 is an important plan whether you are looking to buy or rent a new place. You may have your own preferences in location near to:

       ✅  your parents or parents-in-law

       ✅  your children’s schoo

       ✅  you and your spouse’s workplace

    But, the perfect location for you may price higher than your expectation.

    Therefore, you have to strick the perfect balance between price and location.  If you require my help either you want to buy or rent a new place, I can recommend the ideal place according to your needs.

  • Step 3

    Plan for Timeline Matching

    This is a critical timeline management for your sale and purchase, so that both your transaction will go on smoothly.

    Especially, if you need the finances from the sale to purchase your next property.

    Also, timeline matching for you to move over to your new home after renovation.

  • Step 4

    Declutter Your Home

    If you’ve decided to sell your home, then you want to make sure that it sells as fast as possible for a good price.

    Although decluttering can be very challenging, especially if you have accumulated many things, but it will certainly pay off. Here are some benefits of decluttering your home before selling it:

     ✅  Looks Bigger

     ✅  Looks Cleaner

     ✅  Inspire the Buyers’ Imagination

     ✅  Reduce Distraction to potential buyers

     ✅  Easier to re-paint the walls

     ✅  Easier to do home staging

    I will share on how to declutter any space in your home using organizing ideas and decluttering tips.

  • Step 5

    Home Staging

    Home staging is to make over your home appealing to most of the potential buyers, so that you can optimize your selling price.

    Staging techniques focus on transforming your home into a welcoming and attractive house.

    Despite home staging can be quite pricey or effort, but it can really pay off in the end.

    Here are some benefits to stage your home:

       ✅  Helps Your Home Stand Out

       ✅  Maximizes the Space

       ✅  Can lead to Higher Offers

       ✅  Helps to Sell Faster

    I can DIY and assist you in home staging so you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

  • Step 6

    Viewing Arrangements

    The staged home will produce awesome photos and attract a lot more calls from potential buyers. I usually arrange a mass viewing on the same day, at the same time, during the weekend instead of doing viewings one-on-one.

    From my experience, your potential buyers see that they’re up against other “competitors”, the scarcity effect will kick in and they’ll naturally feel more drawn to your home.

    Therefore, most of the time you will receive the offer(s) on the same day.

    In addtion, during the viewing sessions, I will hand out the brochures to every group of potential buyers. This will further enhance them to remember your house.

  • Step 7

    Getting Offers & Negotiation

    When we do it right for all the steps above, it will definitely attract more offers and give advantage in the final negotiation.

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