The Success Story of The Most Expensive Flat in Singapore

The world’s tallest public residential building featuring 50 stories and 2 sky bridges in none other than Pinnacle@Duxton.

Located at Cantonment Road, Singapore is the world’s first housing project that has two sky bridges built with such perfection that they connect seven towers of the building. This leads to the formation of the sky garden that gives an eye-catching and panoramic view of the city.

pinnacle duxton

Giving such a unique idea to the public housing scheme, this building led to the first international competition of the public houses in Singapore. It attracted 200 different design entries from the worldwide competitors.

pinnacle duxton

With its remarkable features and extraordinary design, it has won the status of the unique project in the Housing and development board.

The sky gardens of Pinnacle@Duxton have become very popular because of the view they present. It was selected for the national day firework ceremony. It’s a remarkable design has won it many awards worldwide. Its development has been published in many different documentaries stating that how the skyscraper was invented.

You might be wondering that how Pinnacle@Duxton became so famous, so here are the reasons behind its ultimate success.

Reason behind the success of Pinnacle@Duxton:

Following are some of the reasons that led Pinnacle@Duxton on the road of success:

Developmental history:

In 1964, Pinnacle@Duxton was only a two-storey building standing in the Duxton plains. It was known as public housing in Tanjong pager built on the historic 2.5 ha site. It can be regarded as one of the oldest and historic public housing in Singapore.

pinnacle duxton history

In 2001, the founding prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, initiated the redevelopment of this project. It was initiated to preserve the significance of the old blocks. An international architectural design competition was held by the Urban Redevelopment Authority to pay regard to the historical location of this building.

PM Lee at Pinnacle
Pinnacle Duxton Sky Park

This competition brought in many innovative and remarkable designs.

To meet the modern life requirements and the desires of the public residents a high density, high-rise public housing design was optimized for the building.

The design that was selected was cost effective, so it can easily meet with the budget that was selected to give a new look to the public housing project.

From 227 different entries of the designs, Sky houses: flying green was selected for the redevelopment of Pinnacle@Duxton.

Pinnacle Duxton Nice View

Extraordinary features:

For the development of Pinnacle@Duxton, the design was inspired by the use of strips and loops and flow eddies. This will give the building a network like structure, weaving through the estate that links the lowers blocks to create spaces in the apartments on one hand and pathways and green pockets on the other hand.

Pinnacle Duxton Green

This design made it possible to utilize all the uneven and odd shape land to develop the infrastructure and the extra space was utilized to build the parking area.

pinnacle 50 storey
50th_storey_pinnacle duxton

Pinnacle@Duxton has some of the following attractive facilities and features:

  • The 1,848 units were developed to target the young couples.
  • At the 26th and 50th floor, the infrastructure was connected by the sky gardens. It is exclusive entrance rights for the residents of the building.
  • There are also several plug-in elements like the fitness areas, pavilions, and benches.
  • Facilities like courts, food areas, childcare centre, and jogging tracks were also established during the developmental stages of the building.
  • There is also an outdoor gallery where the historical building is preserved in the original form.

The design was so technically created that there was wide space left in case of future development. It was developed with flexible feature to meet the requirements of the residents in future. Lightweight placements were installed in the units to make it possible to change the structure in future.

The main feature that led to the success of Pinnacle@Duxton was allowing the residents to select the exterior façade treatments, giving them a feeling that their ideas are also important in the development of the building.

Award winning infrastructure:

The public housing was developed with the goal to provide the same high-quality facilities and living opportunities like the private building projects presents.

The hard work of the team to develop Pinnacle@Duxton into a mass building that redefined the stereotypical thinking of the people was paid in the form of award it won.

Pinnacle@Duxton was completed in 2009 and since then it has won several awards because of its innovation design, remarkable features and extraordinary facilities.

Pinnacle Duxton Sky Park
Pinnacle Duxton Sky Park

Pinnacle@Duxton won the following awards:

  • It was awarded Asia and Australia’s, Best Tall Building by the Tall Building and Urban Habitat, a Chicago-based council in 2010.
  • In World’s Architecture Festival in Barcelona, Pinnacle@Duxton was rewarded as the World’s Best Housing Development.
  • Its development also got the President’s Design Award.
  • It also got the Singapore’s highest honour for its remarkable design.

Winning all such reward for its development and design, Pinnacle@Duxton gained fame and success and people become interested in buying the flats here.

High priced flats:

In the beginning, when the project was released for sale, people were so keen that numerous applications came despite the expensive flats. In the start, the five-room flats were sold for $345,100 to $439,400 and the four-room flats were sold for $289,200 to $380,900.

The main attraction of Pinnacle@Duxton was its central location and the great view it presented. With the passage of time as the public housing gained fame and appreciation the rates of the flats became higher.

Many of the buyers want a specific view in their flat and when Pinnacle@Duxton provides them the same exact view, they want. They are ready to pay any sum of amount and thus recently a five-room flat has been sold for $1 million.

View From Pinnacle Duxton
pinnacle duxton view

Therefore, the fact behind the success of Pinnacle@Duxton is its one of a kind infrastructure, the attractive design and the eye-catching view it presents to the people. The main attraction of the building is the perfect view that has earned it fame and success among the other infrastructures of the world.

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