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A Penthouse Singapore is an apartment that is on the highest floor of the entire apartment building. Penthouse is normally differentiated from the rest in the building by added luxury features.


Unique Features of Penthouse Singapore

Features that may not be found in typical apartments but may be available for a penthouse Singapore may include a dedicated private lift and entrance, higher ceilings, better security, bigger size and luxurious finishings.

Penthouse Singapore Private Lift

Penthouse is usually much bigger with multiple master suites and rooms.

Penthouse offers very luxurious finishes such as the fittings of finest available materials, high-end appliances, luxurious and exquisite flooring system, oversized full height end-to-end windows, and more.

Top Quality Penthouse Singapore

They may also be equipped with modern and luxury kitchens that feature the best of stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, dedicated breakfast bar and high-end branded kitchen equipment.

Penthouses are usually located in the heart of busy areas of big cities yet offer a sense of being located in a far away from or away and above the hectic and noisy urban life.  Such central locations also provide easy access to the nearby amenities.

Most of the penthouses have two or more level floors.  The upper floor usually consists of a private open terrace or big balcony and private Jacuzzi or dip pool.

The residents living in penthouse can enjoy the best views of the city skyline from their balcony or open terrace.

Penthouse Singapore BIg Balcony

In addition, they also can enjoy concierge services, such as a pickup and delivery of everything from dinner to dry cleaning; reservations to the events and restaurants made by the building staffers.

Foreign Buying Interest Returned

Recently, foreign buyers started nibbling at the top end of the residential market, especially penthouse Singapore.

The most sensation transaction of penthouse Singapore was the record price created by one of the founders of Alibaba Group, Mr. Sun Tongyu for a duplex penthouse at Le Nouvel Ardmore at $51 million ($3,676 psf) in April 2015.

Reference: Edge Property


In March 2015, Yun Nam Hair Care owner, Mr. Andy Chua, snapped up the 6,017 sq ft penthouse at the St Regis Residences for $12.2 million ($2,028 psf).  Mr. Chua is the one who paid US$2.2 million to buy a private lunch with the most successful investor in the World, Warren Buffett.


A Hongkonger and Singapore permanent resident who co-founded a jewellery business in the Special Administrative Region is understood to have picked up a duplex penthouse at Nassim Park Residences for S$21.2 million ($3,082psf) in early October 2016.

The 6,878 square feet penthouse has four bedrooms, a family area and private swimming pool.  Another penthouse which is just two doors away was transacted at $22.5 million ($3,271psf) in April 2015.

An 8,514 sq ft duplex penthouse at Marina Bay Suites for $19.5 million ($2,293 psf) in May 2015.


The above is just some of the notable penthouses transacted recent years but not limit to.

According to managing director of Singapore Christie’s International Real Estate, Samuel Eyo: 

“With current asking prices at 10% to 20% below the peak in 2013, this is a good time to snap up a penthouse in Singapore.” 

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Penthouse Singapore
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