Our Testimonial

Mr. Lim, who is in his late 30s, successfully upgrade to a private condo and now sourcing for his second property in Singapore.

He first contacted me in November 2017 through PropertyHunt.sg.  We met him at Mc Donalds in Bishan Park.  He was impressed with our proposal and strategy.

We personalize on Lim’s requirements and work out a proper plan to upgrade. We managed to find him a condo below valuation and sold his flat.

Two challenging parts for Lim’s upgrading, the 1st one is to match the perfect timing between buying of condo and selling of flat so that his family can move from the current flat to their new home after renovation completed.  The 2nd challenge is more critical which is the financial plan. We ensure perfect time matching for Lim’s cash and CPF proceed from the flat to pay for his new home.

The entire process of both sale and purchase were smooth. Eventually, Lim bought 1 condominium with no money down after selling his flat. He is now doing research to look for his second condominium.

Lim is from a normal Singaporean family who has the desire to upgrade and retire with multiple properties. The only thing different was that he has the initiative to approach and seek out advice from us.  Lim did it, would you be the next one?

Find out How You Can Buy A Condo with no money down after selling your flat?

Some Other Testimonial

B & J were both the divorcee and planning to get married soon, but J booked a 2-room BTO under single citizen scheme, how they can still purchase an EC unit?

We personalize on B & J’s situation and found out that actually there were some hidden issues to be resolved.

For J to cancel the BTO booking is simple, but to cancel flat application after signing the Agreement for Lease,  she must wait out a 1 year period from the date of cancellation before she can apply for a  new EC unit from the developers.

We wrote in an appeal letter and successfully waive the one year waiting period.

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Mr. & Mrs. Liu own 2 condo in Singapore, 1 in Tiong Bahru and 1 in Newton. They stayed in Tiong Bahru and trying to rent out the unit in Newton for 6 month until they found us.

We personalize on Mr. & Mrs. Liu situation and found out that actually, they were paying more than $500 per month of maintenance fee for each condo. This is a loss of $3,000 if they didn’t rent out for 6 months with a few agents marketing the unit.

We proposed them 2 options:

  • Reduce the rental;
  • Rent the Tiong Bahru unit instead and move themselves to Newton.

Eventually, we found them a decent Japanese tenant at one of the highest rental transaction in the condo.  Mr. & Mrs. Lin then moved to Newton and now they are so happy to collect good passive income.

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