How grows from Ah Boy to Man? was founded in 2013 by Stephen Chong, then joins forces with Garry Lew, Alan Koh, Jeffrey Yam and Shawn Khoo from 5 Top Real Estate Agencies to enhance our Professional Services Satisfaction to our Customers.

2018 marked the 5th year anniversary for Throughout the years, we have around 100 People Realize their Dream Home with us. Click to see our Testimonial.

We expertise in personalization on our customers’ possibility to minimize their cost and optimize their infinite potential to retire early with multiple properties.

We don’t just transact properties but we really go for the extra mile to achieve their dreams such as upgrading from HDB to private without any cash savings or creating lucrative passive income.

We understand the market in-depth because we spent countless hours of research on market trends and new policy. Conjointly with experience conveyancing manager, bankers, and the investor group, we develop the methodology to overcome the challenges and most importantly – financial freedom!

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