How to Choose The Right Property with High Potential Gain?

Published on 13 Aug 2019

There are more than 50 new launches in the market today.

Are you spoilt for choices? Not every condo is good for investment.

Not every condo is good for investment.

When you target to invest, you must prepare your exit strategy for the future.

I don’t want you to lose your hard-earned money!

But, do you know how to spot the right property that will create profit?

7 Checklist to Choose The Right Property with High Potential Gain:

  1. Project Size 
  2. Property Age
  3. Amenities
  4. Transportation
  5. Entry Price
  6. Future Developments
  7. Contact Stephen!

Plan For Yourself is very Important!

As a lot of people never plan anything before going to showflat, they usually end up paying more for a less ideal unit; thereby making less profit as compared to a better valued unit.

I suggest we have a short meet up first where I can share with you based on your case and what is the best scenario moving forward and based on the market now what are the projects best suit you!

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How to Choose The Right Property for Investment?
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How to Choose a Good Unit for Your Condo

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