The Perfect New Home

Don’t give your loved one just romantic words or beautiful flowers, give her a perfect home!

The joy of buying a home and the new chapter of your life together that it symbolizes is the reason why it could make the perfect proposal location.

Buying a home together is one of the most significant milestones in a couple’s life.  Why not add to the sentiment by proposing there?

If you want to write your new chapter with your couple, but you don’t know the best way to propose, just go ahead to buy a new home with her!

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Son Surprises Mom With House For Mothers Day

For years, one of the goals of Mike was always to provide his mother with something she worked so hard for and lost. Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit city in the economic downturn, and his mother ended up losing her home. This is the first house Mike ever purchased and he wanted to give my mother a home before himself because she deserves it the most. Its been a long time coming and Mike just wanted to share this special moment with you.

This was in honor of all the mothers out there that work their hearts out. Your children see that and will reward you dearly for everything you have done.

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Thank you and God Bless!

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The Baby Room

Don’t keep your loved one waiting for too long. It’s time to create your own family.

Get one home when you are affordable!  For your beloved!

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The Wishing Egg

Seems like we always treat our friends gently but treat our loved ones with no patience.

“I’m very busy.”  This sentence might be the most common which you tell to your parent.

This short film could touch your heart.  The story starts from a wishing egg between a girl and the father who are poor and staying in a shabby house.  Watch the video and understand how a new home is really important for them.    

Credit: Lee Onn