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Looking for a Good Tenant😃

Renting your place is supposed to make your finances and life easier, not going through emotional tortured by your tenant. That’s why finding a good tenant is extremely important.

I’ll help you filter the tenants and manage your property so that you can save on psychiatry fees.

As a landlord, your ideal scenario would be getting good tenants with high rental yield that can cover your loan.

How to Increase My Rental Yield? 💹

The fun part of property investment is that, you can make your passive income with minimal effort.

The rental yield in Singapore has gone down a lot as compared to years before. However, there is still room to grow your rental income by applying a few easy tricks that I will share in this article. Read on to find out how!

5 Easy Tricks to Increase Your Rental Income

  • 1

    Rent to 6 Individuals

    The overall rental income will be higher to rent to 6 individuals (or 3 groups of tenants) rather than a single group. 

    You may find that your 3-bedroom unit generates $2,800 a month when rented to a single-family.

    On the other hand, you could rent out all your common rooms for $1,000 a month each and the master bedroom for $1,500 a month.  That comes to $3,500 a month (which is $700 extra income).  

    I will guide you through the process.  You will get customised recommendation for your best deal.

  • 2

    Make Over Your Unit

    We’re not going to renovate your house because your costs are obviously going to add up ridiculously, and doesn’t make sense as our end objective is to make higher passive income.

    However, you have to set aside a small budget to make over the house.

    Think about it, the sight of a dingy or outdated looking house is likely to repulse your potential tenants, and might either burst the rental deal, or at least shave off a significant amount from what your tenants are willing to pay.

    Homey, is the key. Keep your total make over costs at around 1 month rental.

  • 3

    Throw in Value-Added Services 🧹

    It’s not expensive to hire a part-time cleaner to come over once or twice a month.

    You can charge your tenant a little extra than what you’re paying your part-time cleaner.

    I can recommend my usual cleaner who is efficient at $25 per hour rate.

    find a tenant and get them a cleaner

  • 4

    Accept Short Term Rental

    Now that the minimum rental period for private homes has been reduced to 3 months instead of 6.

    There are demand for short term rental, especially those foreign students who come for internship or student exchange, and those whose house is undergoing renovation.

    You can allow 3 months stay by charging them at a higher rental rate, which is a win-win situation!

  • 5

    Create The "Competition"

    Just like selling your house, the nice house with great photos will also attract a lot more calls from potential tenants. I usually arrange a mass viewing on the same day, at the same time, instead of doing viewings one-on-one.

    From my experience, your viewers will see that they’re up against other “competitors”, the scarcity effect will kick in and they’ll naturally feel more drawn to your home.

    Therefore, most of the time you will receive the offer(s) on the same day.

    In addtion, during the viewing sessions, I will hand out the brochures to every group of potential tenants, so that they will remember your house more than the rest.

Although nowadays you can find your tenants at your own through social media.

If your tenants get into a dispute, you would have to mediate for them. You may be busy with your own job and get distracted by your tenancy, end up you may get frustrated.

My service doesn’t stop at finding you tenants, but also helping you in problem solving with creative strategy and win-win solution.

Therefore, I suggest you to entrust me your property and let me run the show

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