Who else wants to Own A “Deferred Payment Scheme”

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Can You Believe these Deferred Payment Scheme Condo are below $1million?

Today I’m going to share my recent findings together with my clients.

I met up with them to discuss the deferred payment scheme condo. They need the deferred payment scheme so badly because they have reached their loan limit.

Deferred Payment Scheme

But all these condos are above $2million and way above their budget.

I was told they now have enough upfront cash up to a $750K property.

So he told me that his daughter is still studying now in university but will be graduate in 1 year later.

They claim that she will get a job around $4,000 income.  In this case, they will use her daughter’s name to purchase the property (because she doesn’t own any property). So no ABSD is payable.

Or else they have other option too because they have a fund going to be mature in 1 year time.

After hearing what, something flash into my mind!

Is it True? Factually No, But Practically Yes!

The Essense of TOP Later

I know what they can afford! They can buy something which is almost similar to a deferred payment scheme condo!

Well, I will share with you how this actually works and whether it is feasible for you!

Watch on my impromptu sharing.

This article is especially suited for those who have all upfront CASH now (23% of the property price) and will have more cash later (after 1 to 2 years from now).

You know there are a lot of recent new launches from the successful collective sales in 2017.

Most developers will offer a rent-free period for the ex-owners. Usually is 6 months after legal completion, by then they must move out.

Here’s how it works:

For instance, Affinity @ Serangoon (former Serangoon Ville), the residents just moved out not long ago, and the contractor just started demolition work.

Meaning that it will take approximately one and a half year to complete the foundation.

Thus, Affinity’s buyers now only have to pay for the upfront deposit (approx. 23% of the purchase price including buyer stamp duty).

And wait for at least 1 year for the foundation to complete.  Then, they will start to pay for the next 10%.


If the price is $750K, the buyer pays $167,100 for the deposit and wait for the foundation to complete.

What’s Your Benefits?

As a result, this will benefit those who need a grace period to get a loan or waiting for funds to mature soon.

In addition, the condo will only obtain TOP in 2024 (on paper). Which means you will have a good chance to speculate on a future train station nearby in 5 years time.

Furthermore, you are now sitting on a good potential gain buffer as compared to the closest new project.

You will have the options either to sell or rent out the condo upon key collection.

I want to learn more!

There is NOTHING to lose in gaining more knowledge.


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What You can expect for this sign up?

  • Assess in-depth financial calculation for you.
  • Disclose the list of almost similar to Deferred Payment Scheme Condo within your budget.
  • Analyze the available options for you in the market and spot the most profitable choice for you.
Deferred Payment Scheme condo below 1 million?
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