Can I Sell My HDB Flat Before 5 Years?

The 5 Years refers to Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), which is calculated from the date the sellers Owner(s) the keys to the flat.

Sell My HDB Flat Before 5 Years

It will not be easy to get the special approval to sell your HDB flat before 5 years, even with a valid reason.

The always Number One reason is Divorce.


In almost every 12 groups of clients I met, there is 1 divorcee.

Today I’m going to share a true story of my client, Miss J.

On her struggle to get restart of her new life.

What Happen to Her?

She got her final judgement last year.

When things happen, she feels panic and couldn’t think rationally.

In March 2018, it was our first met.

So, I guided her along of what she should do step by step.

How is the Appealing Process Going?

After our discussion, I suggested her to write in HDB and appeal to sell before 5 years (before the MOP).

She told HDB about her unexpected turn of life events, and wish to start her new life. But unfortunately, our first attempt was rejected by HDB.

Then she went to see the estate MP in April. They are very helpful. They wrote a letter to the HDB branch general manager.

The entire process took less than 3 months to get the written approval from HDB branch.

Of course, we did quite frequent follow up with HDB officer in the midst of the process.

However, HDB Hub’s system may not be updated automatically. So, both HDB owners (Miss J & her ex-husband) still have to visit HDB Hub to do the “Seller Intent” manually.

Then the selling process was smooth, and I got a good price for them.

Your Due Diligence Check:


For those who really want to sell your HDB flat before 5 years, please check your date of purchase.
Make sure it is not subject to the Seller’s Stamp Duty.

Let the Professional Do the Job

In short, the breakdown of the marriage is beyond the couple’s control, HDB should allow them to sell the flat so that they can start with their new chapters of the life.

Despite some people may tell you that it is almost impossible to appeal and sell it to open market as your flat is under 5 years.

But, I have handled a handful of such cases.

Let The Professional do for you

I shared my piece here, hoping this will help those in a similar situation as Miss J.

Anyway, you will still need an agent to market your HDB flat, so why not seek advice from us?

In addition, if you engage a lawyer to write an appeal letter for you, they may charge you a few hundreds.

But through us, it’s absolutely free!

You lose nothing, but at least, ensuring you are on the right track!

Do not give up, do your best with us!

Some Other Valid Reasons:

Some might also need to relocate to be closer to their relatives for childcare or eldercare purposes.

Furthermore, the death and sickness of a family member are some other reason.

All these are case by case basis under exceptional circumstances.

In conclusion, HDB’s flexibility is helpful to residents who are in genuine difficulty. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not urging people to abuse the system.