What is Asset Progression Plan?

First of all, Asset Progression Plan is a well-planned strategy to grow your asset with minimal risk which eventually will lead you to achieve financial freedom.

A lot of people misunderstand that asset progression plan is the same as Sell One Buy Two.  But, due to the price gap between private properties and HDB flats is getting wider, it is more difficult for an ordinary Singaporean to upgrade from a HDB flat to two private properties at one go.

For example, Johnny & Wendy are in their early 40s and own a HDB flat which worth $500k. If they keep the flat till their retire age, how much can they cash out from the flat?

Alternatively, if Johnny & Wendy sell the flat now, then upgrade to a private property that worth $1million. In their 60s, their $1mil property will be fully paid and they can choose to sell it and downgrade to HDB flat. With that, they can retire comfortably.

Nevertheless, I will personalize your asset progression plan based on your finance and family situation.