8 Reason Why Bidadari BTO is A Trending Investment Haven

I love the investment opportunities in Singapore. Being the world’s most attractive infrastructure investment haven for the past five to eight years, according to a recent publication by Global Infrastructure Investment Index.

With trending real estate investments buzzing for attention I believe are beginning to snatch housing units. This is not pool lottery but, an investment opportunity for the next one decade in Bidadari Estate.

I understand that BTO is traditionally built not for investment purpose.  However, you should read my full article to get my points of why Bidadari Estate is more than just a roof.


Remember, this was how the Pinnacle @ Duxton listings came by 12 years ago and many buyers procrastinated. Those houses went on to sell for more than a million dollars just recently.  So, please, don’t wave aside this clean and green opportunity.

I congratulate those buyers that have gotten their units in Bidadari estate. This article is to enlighten those by standers that are yet to decide if it is a good deal or not. Yes, it is a great deal in the number one infrastructure investment center in the world.

Some might be wondering why Bidadari had such attraction with more than 15 times oversubscribed for a 5 room BTO. Just like SkyTerrace @ Dawson and Pinnacle @ Duxton that came before, here is my thoughts on the 8 reasons why Bidadari BTO is a trending investment haven:


#1. It has a Great Location

Bidadari Location

Bidadari is well-served by the North-East Line and the Circle Line. Located in the central region of Singapore, and known for its picturesque greenery and rolling landscape. Bidadari is conceived to be a serene urban oasis where dwellers can relax, rest, and connect with friends and family.

There will be a planned Bidadari Park located at the center of the Estate to make for the new green lung. Within the Park, will be a new Alkaff Lake, to ratify the sense of calmness and capture the sentimental memories of the old Alkaff Lake Garden. A Heritage Walk will be constructed in the estate as a memorial of the rich heritage of Bidadari.

bidadari park

There will also be the Bidadari Greenway that traverses from Upper Serangoon Road to Bartley Road. A cycling and pedestrian trail has been mapped out, to run through the green corridors of the Bidadari Park and Bidadari Greenway. Rest spots, social, and commercial facilities will align the Bidadari Greenway, creating convenience for more community interaction. Commuting within and out of Bidadari will become more enjoyable and convenient.

Bidadari park map

For shopping and dining options, visit the established neighbourhood centre at Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Look out for more of these heartland shops. You also have the Potong Pasir Community Club for your leisure.

Motorists are easily connected to the rest of Singapore by accessing the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

#2. Fantastic View

I believe plenty of the units can enjoy the beautiful scenery from their windows.  Bidadari BTO will feature social spaces and lush greenery, in line with the neighbourhood’s vision of “a community in the garden.” Residents in the locality can enjoy and move around a beautiful park and lake.

bidadari nice scene

Bidadari Estate will have a centrally located 10ha Bidadari Park, that will connect to a Central Green Spine to add to its beauty. For those unblocked units facing the south, they will have the breathtaking view of the scenic Singapore city skyline.

Bidadari Fantastic View


#3. It is Unique

Bidadari estate will be the home ground of Singapore’s first underground bus interchange. It will be right below the flats. Sitting below a neighbourhood garden and a carpark flanked by blocks of flats, it will be hidden and tucked away from the street view.

Bidadari bus interchange Source: HDB

The underground bus interchange is a core part of an integrated transport, project that will constitute the estate’s town centre. Apart from the interchange, the project will also feature a food court, that will be split equally into three and four bedroom flats.

The 360 flats will have green features: Staircases with LED lights and motion sensors. The lifts will be partly powered using batteries charged by the lifts’ kinetic movements; just like hybrid cars.

To encourage the “green” lifestyle, AlkaffLakeView, AlkaffCourtView, and Alkaff Vista will have eco-friendly features such as:

  • Separate chutes for all recyclable waste
  • Motion sensor controlled energy and efficient lighting at staircases to reduce energy usage
  • Regenerative lifts to ensure reduced energy consumption
  • Eco-pedestals in bathrooms to maintain water conservation
  • Bicycle stands to encourage environmentally friendly form of transport: cycling
  • Facilitate Car-sharing scheme by providing parking spaces for shared cars
  • Usage of sustainable, recycled products in the development
  • Use of Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System for cleaner waste disposal

#4. It is close To A Few Reputable Schools

Schools in the estate include Maris Stella High School, Cedar Primary School, St. Andrew’s Junior School, and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School.

Maris Stella is known over the years for its high standards among schools in Singapore.

The most of the Bidadari estate falls within short distances from the school.

Having a top school around is good for the neighbourhood and residents alike.


#5. The Price is Affordable

The indicative price range of these flats is tabulated below.

Flat Type Estimated Floor
Area (sqm)
Estimated Internal
Floor Area (sqm)
No. of units Indicative Price Range
2-room Flexi 38 sqm 36 sqm 85 $154,000 – $189,000
47 sqm 45 sqm 107 $193,000 – $234,000
3-room 68 – 72 sqm 65 – 69 sqm 567 $297,000 – $385,000
4-room 93 – 97 sqm 90 – 94 sqm 1,229 $433,000 – $550,000
5-room 113 – 114 sqm 110 sqm 151 $544,000 – $625,000


BIDADARI Park Residences - Bidadari Condo Integrated Development

Bidadari Park Residences is the upcoming joint-development by seasoned Japanese main contractor, Kajima Development and diverse local developer Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Located right next to Woodleigh MRT, Bidadari Park Residences will be the mixed-use development which includes 310,000 sqft of retail.


It is assumed that buyers have sufficient savings to cover the 10% initial payment.

# Additional CPF/cash payment upfront is essential if buyers’ eligible loan amounts are below 90% of the flat price.

^ The loan amount is computed around a monthly instalment of 20-30% of the monthly income of the house over a 25 years HDB loan with the interest rate of 2.6%. Besides, flat buyers must expend all available CPF savings in Ordinary Accounts to make payment for the flat, before the HDB grants the housing loan.

* It is also assumed that there are two distinct buyers, both aged 35 and below and their monthly earning is not more than $5,000 a piece.

Source: HDB

#6. It has Potential Price Appreciation

Refer to the resale of flats in the vicinity, there is still room for appreciation of the Bidadari BTO estate price after the five years MOP.  From the records, many units at Pinnacle @ Duxton sold for over a million dollars after attaining MOP.

Bidadari price comparison resaleA high number of Bidadari estate buyers are expecting Bidadari BTO to follow the trend of Pinnacle properties to hit a record high price in future.

#7. It is a Well Planned Town


Bidadari Estate is a planned serene urban oasis, with provisions for residents to relax and connect with friends and family in a homely setting. Envisioned to be  “A Community in the Garden”, Bidadari Estate will have a centrally-located Bidadari Park, which will, in turn, connect to the Central Green Spine. The Park is well-connected to the residential estates through linking open spaces. A part of the tree-lined Upper Aljunied Road will be turned into a heritage walk for pedestrians.

The Bidadari Park will maximize the existing terrain, retain a cluster of mature evergreen tropical trees, and feature a stormwater retention pond. This is aimed to help mitigate existing flooding problems in the locality. The retention pond goes back to the fondly remembered Alkaff Gardens lake. The Bidadari Memorial Garden is also planned to be integrated into the proposed Bidadari Park.

Bidadari Estate is visioned to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly, with a seamless connectivity of transport nodes, commercial developments, and the park. The estate will further feature a broad range of amenities to provide for the immediate needs of residents. These include a commercial development near Woodleigh MRT station, a neighbourhood police centre, the bus interchange, and other community facilities. Places of worship, health and medical facilities are also proposed for the estate.

#8. It is of a Great Neighborhood

All development of Bidadari estate does not include any rental flats like West Plains @ Bukit Batok. Most of the development are 3 and 4 rooms flat.  And the prices are not cheap, so that means the residents there are middle-class income earners.


In all, I believe you have read it all for yourself. Bidadari BTO is a trending residential haven and I encourage you to take a look at an apartment once you can. Work out a financial plan and portfolio that you can use to have a stake in this estate. Remember, over time the price likely will go up as in the case of Pinnacle @ Duxton. Don’t be left out of this great opportunity.

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8 Reason Why Bidadari BTO is A Trending Investment Haven
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