8 Important Tips for Your Showflat Visit?

Updated on 31 Jul 2019

I guess many of you have the experience when you visit the showflat, it is so beautiful but so much different from the actual product.

All the beautiful features in the showflat might not be included for your actual unit that you going to purchase.

Interior Designers play one of the most important role for the showflat.

They make the showflat looks great by working on the colour scheme, fittings and furnishings.

They can make you feel good and happy to give cheque right on the spot. However, the actual unit could turn out discrepancy from your expectation.

(1) Check for Natural Light & Ventilation

Showflats are bright at all time due to the artificial lights. It may be hard to get a thought of how much natural light your actual unit would get.

Firstly, you check the size and position of the windows carefully. Here I mention carefully, because some walls may not be erected at the showflat.

Here is the picture from one of the showflat, showing that the exterior wall or the glass window at the bedroom is not erected.

Secondly, some are full glass façade and some are partly glass with concrete wall along the façade, especially the bedroom next to the aircond ledge.

(2) Read the ID Treatment indicator

When you step into a showflat, you could be easily distracted by the stylish interior design (ID) and decoration.

For instance, the wall paper and the feature wall.

They are beautiful but not included for your actual unit.

They are just an idea to inspire your future renovation.

For those, they are usually indicated with an ID treatment sign.

(3) Visualize the Actual Space

For instance, the mirror along the dining room to create the illusion of space and it looks bigger.

The colour scheme of furniture such as sofa set and dining set could affect the illusion of space as well.

Another trick is to use the light colour such as white for the furniture in the showflat.

This picture shows the developer install a mirror at the wall along dining room to create the illusion of space.

(4) Read the Tape on the Floor

To show various interior design (ID) possibilities, developers might take down a couple of walls.

Under government rules, the developers are required to indicate the actual position and thickness of the walls.

Usually the developers will demarcate these with the tape on the floor.

Take note at the balcony size because some showflats may build the size of the ground floor Private Enclosed Space, which is bigger than the typical units.

(5) Read the Tape on the Wall

Same thing also to the wall, you have to take note of.

Some developers increase the ceiling height of the showflat to give spacious feeling to the visitors.

If there is a discrepancy, there should a tape on the wall that indicate the actual height.

(6) Check the Appliances Package and its Brand

Every showflat kitchen has very luxury kitchen appliances such as branded built in oven, fridge and washing machine.

However, you should always check what are really provided by the developer.

Because not all the displayed appliances are provided for you.

And there might be a possibility that buying the different unit type offers the different package.

(7) Check the Flooring Material & Quality

When it comes to flooring, we have many types such as homogeneous tiles, porcelain tiles, marble at the living room.

In the recent years, porcelain flooring has become trendy choice for most developers.

The reason is porcelain tiles looks quite similar to marble.

In addition, we have solid timber, engineered timber, vinyl and laminate in the bedrooms.

Some vinyl flooring looks very similar to solid timber flooring but the quality wise is different.

(8) Maintenance Fee

When you want to decide 2 projects that are equally good,

You may have to look at the estimated monthly maintenance fee.

Some higher end condo may go up to more than a thousand dollar per month.

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Plan For Yourself is very Important!

As a lot of people never plan anything before going to showflat, they usually end up paying more for a less ideal unit; thereby making less profit as compared to a better valued unit.

I suggest we have a short meet up first where I can share with you based on your case and what is the best scenario moving forward and based on the market now what are the projects best suit you!

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    8 Important Tips for Your Showflat Visit
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    Stephen is a very good agent who goes beyond his way to ensure that his clients are happy. He is very patient and helpful, and will always give good advice.
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    Stephen is a professional & responsible person who has provided good quality customer services to our recent Condo housing purchase & related matters. I found he has put in great efforts and gone for extre miles to assist us in the whole process and related purchase issues. Excellent work, Stephen!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    Was going thru Stephen's video when I noticed he had a google review panel up. Going to copy paste my review on his FB page from 2019. I still stand by my review. Stephen was very professional throughout our engagement process. I first engaged Stephen as his effort could be seen thru the videos he made. The videos were informative, detailed, yet easy to understand from a beginners point of view. Could also see the improvement of his videos as time passes, and that speaks volumes about one's character on his eagerness to improve and share. During my engagement with him, Stephen was very professional. Since I was very new in the scene, I required alot of guidance and honesty. Stephen was very upfront with me on many items and did not try to hide any facts from me. As a first time buyer, both good and bad prospects were laid out after his detailed analysis on my current financial condition and also on the projects we went to see. Comparing to other agents who will just blab anything that benefits their sales point, Stephen was straightforward and truthful on the issue. I have met quite a few agents but would highly recommend Stephen to people who are looking for properties, be it looking for a place to stay, or looking for a property to invest.
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    Cannot believers Mr Stephen posting my rental unit less than 10 mins ? Yes, can't believed it ? but please believed it. 1st day open ..more then 8 enquiry. Mr Stephen was very professional, patient and knowledgeable, he shares all the information i needed, excellent service 💪💪 Rent out my unit within 2 days highly recommended ..BINGO
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    We came across Stephen YouTube video and appreciated the tips he is providing. We decided to engage Stephen when we were house hunting. Most people may feel that you can DIY resale hdb buying process. Personally we feel its money well spent engaging Stephen. The whole buying process is swift. Stephen is very prompt in his reply. He did alot of detailed analysis and recommend us the units we can explore. He is very detailed anf meticulous. This process saved alot of time. He also gave us helpful advice on the units we viewed. No hard selling or rush you into hasty decisions 😊
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    Adrian Tay
    Knowledgeable and professional, Stephen is not the typical agent you will meet. Ever so patient, he will help provide his genuine feedback and never pushy unlike most sales agents. Fortunate to have Stephen walk with me in my property investment journey. Will recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy agent to walk the mile with.
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    Very patient and give good advise. I bought ec under him and he sold my hdb.
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    CY Goh
    I believe every property investors or home buyers have encounters with numerous property agents. However, how many of you ever met someone with passion and enthusiasm to sit down and analyze each property based on your criteria (budget, requirements like location, size, etc)? Having watched Stephen's videos in YouTube, decided to ping him and the rest is unspoken of. Not only did he helped to narrow down our search, he also analyzed which project has higher prospect and which unit (level, facing, etc) fits our living habits. No complaints, except for not knowing Stephen earlier. Good job Stephen, thank you.
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    Esther Cheh
    Stephen was the agent assisting us in the purchase of our condo and now to market them for rental. He is extremely helpful, open, transparent and reliable throughout the entire time. He went above and beyond to help us set things up while we are not in Singapore.He is also very professional and knowledgeable about the property market in general. I am confident to leave our condo in his care to find us a good tenant and to manage them in future.
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