7 Steps from Start till You Sell HDB Flat

Updated on 29 Mar 2019

  • 1

    Register Intent To Sell

    Log in to the HDB Resale Portal using your SingPass to start your selling journey.

    If you’re a couple who own the HDB flat, just need one of you to register will do.

  • 2

    Start Marketing Your HDB Flat

    It’s not easy to arrange the time to match your sale and buy part seamlessly.  Plan it timely so that you can fund your sales proceeds for the next purchase.  It’s best to let the professional assist you in marketing.


  • 3

    Grant OTP

    You can only grant an OTP to buyers at least 7 days after registering your Intent to Sell.  When you agree on the resale price, you may accept the buyer’s Option Fee upto $1,000.

    You may download the OTP here. Each OTP comes with its unique serial number. So you can’t reuse the same OTP for another house.

    You have to fill in Page 1, 2, 4 and 8.

  • 4

    Submit HDB Resale Application

    After OTP granted, the buyer will do the valuation request and secure the financial. Within 21 days, the buyer will have to exercise and pay for “Option to Exercise Fee” upto $4,000.

    Then both you and the buyer have to submit HDB resale application.  It doesn’t matter who to submit first, however, the later one must submit within one week after the first one submitted.   Otherwise, the application will be cancelled, and there will be no refund.

    If your flat is 3-room or bigger, you have to pay $80 for the submission.


  • 5

    Wait for HDB Approval

    After the resale submission, just wait for HDB approval. HDB will verify the eligibility of flat sellers and buyers, and review the supporting documents submitted.

  • 6


    If the application is in order, HDB will notify you via SMS and emails within 10 working days, and post the application progress update in the HDB Resale Portal. The date of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application marks the beginning of the 8-week processing time.

    During these 8 weeks, you are required to endorse documents which HDB have prepared for you through the HDB Resale Portal and pay the necessary fees online.  Following which, an appointment will be arranged for buyers and sellers to attend to complete the resale transaction.


  • 7

    HDB Completion

    Before that, you should your service & conservancy fee (SNCC) at your town council.

    You must bring along your original receipt and property tax bill.  If your flat was fully paid, bring along your title deed if you ever redeemed it from HDB.  Remember to cancel your utilities account at SP Service.

    Congrats and you will receive cash proceed (if applicable) on the completion date and CPF proceeds within 2 weeks.

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7 Steps from Start till You Sell HDB Flat
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