5 Common Mistake in Property Investment (Singapore)

Updated on 17 Jul 2019

5 Common Mistakes you must avoid in Property investment in Singapore.

The mistake may cost you 5 to 6 or even 7 figure!

Do you wish to avoid all of them? Did you profit from your last purchase?

Or do you wish to make profit with low risk?

Eventhough buying at the same time, some made profit, but some lose money.

Why is that so?

And I found that many buyers don’t really do enough research before they buy.

Most of the time, they have made at least one of the 5 common mistakes which would contribute to the loss.

You must know and avoid these 5 mistakes because, with 1 mistake, your hard earn money may stuck with your house.

1. Follow Emotion / Feeling

When it comes to showflat viewing, most people like to use their feeling to decide on which property to buy. You would feel this showflat is nicer than the other one that’s why I chose it.
So don’t let your emotion to control your decision. Always use logical thinking to decide your investment.

2. Buy at the WRONG TIMING

Did you notice that when people see there is a long queue, they will go and follow the queue right? Same goes to property purchase, many people buy when the property market is hot. These are what we call FOMO (fear of missing out).
However, when the market is hot, that’s when most of the developers increase the price even on the launch day itself.
Warren Buffett has a saying about investing in general: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Got to be decisive to pounce on opportunities.

3. Sell at the WRONG TIMING

Buying a property is easier than selling a property. Many people buy without even planning when to sell it. Understand the construction progress and the nearby future development would help for your exit strategy.

4. Select the WRONG PROJECT

Location is not the only factor to determine a better project. The better location always comes with a higher price. You got to measure your risk to enter. Try to avoid to set the benchmark for that vicinity despite the best location.
For example, Scott Square in Orchard set the highest price benchmark at in 20xx. Even with its fantastic location, the resale market still couldn’t absorb higher price. Measure the location, future nearby development and entry price are the most critical to decide your investment.

5. Select the WRONG UNIT

A higher purchase price from the developer for the so-called “premium” unit, doesn’t mean that you can sell at a higher price in the future. Take this as one example,
The cheaper unit eventually makes more money than the premium unit. Why is that so? Because of the value. Look at the $psf for your purchase price. Does the better view really cost you $100psf more? Unless we are talking about the unblocked land view or sea view. A pool view is very common in the market.

Every great thing comes with compromise. Its either you compromise with the size, location, view or the price. Sometimes the cheaper price unit has a higher potential to sell at the greater profit. The most important is still the entry price.
You have learned all the 5 common mistakes to avoid. It’s always Easier said than done.

To do all these researches are time-consuming and it keeps updated every after. Register to have a free discussion with me. I’m Stephen Chong. Can reach me at +6591887652.
I will ensure you will have some take away with the great strategies from the discussion.

Plan For Yourself is very Important!

As a lot of people never plan anything before going to showflat and end up paying more.

I suggest we have a short meet up first where I can share with you based on your case and what is the best scenario moving forward and based on the market now what are the projects best suit you!

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5 Common Mistake in Property Investment
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