10 hidden worth visiting sites of Sengkang you probably did not know exists

When the name Sengkang comes to mind, everyone thinks of it as an ulu place, where has no amenities to visit.

However, here you are extremely wrong as Sengkang has some exciting areas and places to visit that will show you the real glory of this area.

Therefore, to make you familiar with some of the best places you can visit in Sengkang and have the time of your life here are the 10 hidden gems of Sengkang.

  1. Sengkang Riverside Park:

Sengkang Riverside Park

If you are a nature’s lover then the riverside park can be regarded as a diamond in Sengkang. Here the trees present the real artwork and beauty that nature withholds.

Located near the Anchorvale Community Centre the park is built with three vast open spaces to perform various activities. It is also the area where the wetland has been established. The three parts of the park are specially differentiated into following centers:

  • The visitor center is the area for the visitors to meet under a sheltered area in the center of the park.
  • Fruit tree trail consists of 16 species of unique fruits that you will not get in the market.
  • Other activity is the specific area where you can enjoy the activity that you like, for example riding a bike.

2. Mushroom café:


This is a small café constructed near the Sengkang Riverside Park. The best feature of the café is that you can enjoy almost every type of local dishes at very affordable rates even they also present Halal food.

From the morning, coffee to the dinner the café is equipped with every single type of dish that you will love to have. Apart from that the amazing atmosphere and being in the riverside park make it more important and worth visiting.

Refer: Aspirant.sg

3. Sengkang Floating Wetland:

sengkang-floating-wetland (1)

Being the biggest man-made floating complex it is developed on the idea to discover nature.

  • The focus:

The design is based on the idea to grow maximum mangroves and the wetlands.

  • Habitat:

It is developed to provide the perfect habitat for the plants, fishes and birds so that they can have a perfect place to live.

Apart from that, a bridge connects the wetland to the riverside park that makes it possible for the visitors to come and visit the place.

4. Sengkang Swimming complex:


It is the worth visiting place where you can learn how to swim in a fun way. The area is equipped with eight extraordinary slides that include:

  • Multi-slide
  • Free fall
  • Twist slide
  • Speed slide
  • Special area for children
  • Jacuzzi pod for adults

With all such amazing feature, the entrance cost is also affordable. For adults, you have to pay $2 and for children $1. Thus, it is the perfect place to have the best family weekend.

5. Compass One:


Located in the town center in Sengkang, the compass one is a condominium and a shopping mall. The exciting features of the mall are:

  • It has five floors that are named after the continents and have the display of their tradition and culture.
  • With shopping, you can enjoy the posters and panels that will enhance your knowledge in a unique way.
  • For the best shopping experience, it is a must visit mall

6. Sengkang Fire Station:


The fire station is open each Saturday morning from 9 am to 11 am and respects the general population to have an instructive and educational visit. It is the greatest fire station in Singapore at 7,000 square meters and brags a shocking $14 million best in class office for the Singapore Civil Defense Force.

It houses the primary Immediate Response Center that includes a group of a medical and therapeutic organization and a savior team under one rooftop. Children can visit the station to learn how to control fire in an emergency.

7. Rivervale Plaza:


It was originally a housing building manufactured in the area between the Sungei Serangoon and Compassvale. To give the people an opportunity to have a quality time a river vale plaza and the mall was soon developed in the same area.

The mall is equipped with about 46 shops where you can find anything you want and not only that the mall’s food court has every food outlet that you prefer to eat.

8. Penang Kia Prawn Mee:


If you are looking for the Malaysian-style prawn noodles then Penang will be your ideal spot. It has also been constructed at 205D Compassvale Lane. This is the perfect place for the food lovers to come and eat the most delicious food.

The very first bite of the broth will take you to another world. Their famous prawn broth is filled with extreme flavors and spices. It is a perfect balance of taste and deliciousness. So whenever you visit Sengkang do not forget to eat at this place.

9. Jalan Kayu:


It is a street historically named as the wooden road because of the stacks of firewood with which it is decorated. The street is very famous because it gives direct access to the military base and because of the many eating stalls, you will find here.

It is the perfect place to find the best food, even the Muslim food stalls are available, and the top places are:

  • One place bistro and bar
  • Blanco prawn noodle house
  • Spizza
  • Sunset grill and pub
  • Pezzo
  • Many more

10. Kopitiam Square:


This spot is enormous and has more than 50 stalls that are serving up extraordinary food items at moderate costs.

All around noticed for its remarkable variety, for example, mookata and tze char, the area for the customers is made especially breezy and not very hot.

This is found right outside Sengkang MRT, right by the Sengkang Community Center.

So whenever you get a chance to visit Sengkang do not forget to visit all these extraordinary places.